▶ Why did Valentine's Day start? (❦ ͜ʖ ❦)

Why did Valentine's Day start?

Do you know what's special about 14th of February? If you want to know Why did Valentine's Day start? Then continue reading this beautiful story behind the purpose of Valentine's Day.

What does valentine day mean? Valentine's Day also called Saint Valentine's Day, is a feast day honoring one of the early Saints named Valentine.

In the third century the Roman Empire was ruled by Claudius, the second Gothic as he was nicknamed Claudius, the cruel because of his harsh leadership and his tendency for getting into frequent wars in Bora.

Once he lost a war against Mayans and he was surprised how can that happen? The Mayans were a weak nation. They meet up their weakness by turning up in large numbers. They had an army with more than double the soldiers he had. You're outnumbered call the general, he said. The general came, king said, general, did you hear that we lost the war they're worn with the Michaels. Yes, I heard that, general replied. You fool how did you become a general if you don't even know your enemy's strength, king said.

King - Did you know that we were outnumbered in the war? Yes, my lord I knew their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, I did warn you about going to this war as we were short of soldiers.

What is the real story of valentine's day

what is the real story of valentine's day
what is the real story of valentine's day

How can you be sort of soldiers, most of our soldiers died in the battlefield during the last few years if you remember. We went to three different battles in this year alone. King said, so what, you can always hire more soldiers, get all the young men in the country recruited into the army.

Yes, my lord, we will start conducting the recruitment. And as the Emperor ordered they went to every town in the country for recruiting more soldiers.

We have been sitting here all day, why hasn't anyone turned up yet? I don't know sir, there must be something going on otherwise why wouldn't anyone join the army? Why don't we ask that man sir that's a good idea, call them?

Hey you, yes you, come. Yeah what is it sir? Hello, my friend the general said to the man. Man - everyone here knows who you are, you are the commander General of the army. Yes, I am, now I need to ask you something.

What is it sir? Tell me, if you would be interested in joining the Roman army. No sir, thank you for the offer but I'm not interested joining the army, the man replied. Huh, the general was in shock, why would you not? You know it will be a great honor for you and your family if you start working.

I know sir but I'd rather live my life in peace with my wife and kids. You have a good day sir. Like that the general requested many young men to join the army but everyone denied the offer and they all gave the same answer.

The next day the general decided to meet the Emperor and tell him the bad news. So, how many men did sign up for joining the army actually.

I mean, tell me what happened? How many men did you sign up actually? No one my lord, no one was willing to sign up in the army.

What? How could that happen? Most of the people I met, complained about the frequent wars and the others didn't want to leave their wife and family. King asked, do you think that's more important than serving the Empire?

Valentine's day facts

valentine's day facts
valentine's day facts

My lord, I tried to convince many men, but they simply refused to join the army. I also asked the people, what's more important? King said out of frustration, stupid, fools they are, are we going for a world war? I am going to prohibit all marriages and engagements in Rome Hereafter. What more? No one should get married in Rome till I say so.

I will show these people that serving the Empire is more important than getting married. That's an order from today onwards all marriages and engagements are prohibited in Rome till I say so. Claudius believed that recruitment for the army was down because Roman men did not want to leave their loves or families behind, so he canceled all marriages and engagements in Rome.

As the new order prohibiting all marriages and engagements within the kingdom was announced, thousands of couples saw their hopes of matrimony dashed by this tyrant.

Let me see how many of them sign up for the army now? This new law was imposed for so many years but still no one seemed to stand up to the Emperor and everyone was afraid of the emperor. 

Why did Valentine's Day start?

There was a simple Christian priest named Valentine, who lived in Rome and he stood up against the law.

I will do everything I can, to help true love. He approached the couples who were in love and said, let's not waste any more time and get you two married. Even after Claudia passed the law, Valentine kept performing marriage ceremonies for helping the lovers of course.

He did this secretly most of the time. He got the couple's married in small candle lit rooms with only the bride and the groom. He would whisper the words of the ceremony listening all the while for soldier's footsteps.

One day the King asked his general again, tell me how is the enlistment going on? Now are you getting enough soldiers?

General replied - It is much better now than how it used to be but what it seems the couples are getting married some or the other way without our knowledge. What? how can that happen? One spy told me that there is a priest who's helping couples in love to get married.

King said - why don't you arrest him? We don't have any proof my lord. King - I'm giving you an order, arrest this priest and bring him before me. Yes, my lord. How dare a priest disobey my orders.

At Valentine’s place - Hello Francis, hello father what happened Francis you look upset. Oh, it's nothing father. Don't worry whatever it is you can tell me.

Father I have been in love for a long time now but what happened is that the soldiers arrived at my house yesterday for recruiting me in the army. My father could not defy their orders and wants me to get enlisted. But my only wish is to get married to my love if I'm not here then her father will get her married to someone else.

How did valentine's day evolve

how did valentine's day evolve
how did valentine's day evolve

So, you want to get married and none of the priests are willing to help you right? Yes father, can you help me? Of course, yes Valentine replied.

Alright you come with your lover to the small wooden house outside the church tomorrow morning. I will get you both married there. Thank you so much father. Valentine made all the arrangements to get them both married but while the ceremony was going on, the soldiers arrived that place saying, we have come to arrest you all, how dare you defy the orders of the Emperor?

Huh, soldier please listen to me, it is me who defied the orders of the Emperor, Valentine requested the soldier. They don't have anything to do with it. Please let them go and arrest me instead. Father, I know that you are innocent, and I know that you are doing the noble work by helping the lovers unite but I'm helpless here. You know how cruel the Emperor is.

Please soldier I'm pleading you let them walk away they are just two poor innocent souls in love. General finally agreed, all right father, I'll see that they managed to escape. General asked the couple, both of you, run away from here quickly before anyone sees you and don't talk to anyone about what happened here.

Then soldiers arrested Valentine and took him to the King. King asked Valentine, what is your name? My name is Valentine. Why were you helping the couples get married, didn't you know that I have prohibited marriage in my Empire?

Valentine - I believed I was doing God's work by helping them unite, let God be the judge. How dare you talk to me like that? Soldier put this man in jail and let him rot there to death.

Valentine was put in jail and condemned to death as the Emperor had ordered. One day suddenly a bunch of roses came flying inside the cell, through the open window. Valentine was surprised and asked one soldier, what is that? Soldier - I don't know, they are flowers, it must be a gift from the people standing outside.

Valentine surprisingly asked, why are people standing outside?

Valentine's day history

valentine's day history
valentine's day history

Soldier replied - Oh, you don't know. Ever since the people knew that you are imprisoned a large group of young couples are standing outside praying for you. Oh really, I am so humbled by their love. 

You have only a few days to live father. Do you want me to get you anything? Oh, thank you jailer, in fact you can get me some books to read. I can arrange that no problem.

The jailer requested Valentine - I can see that you are an enlightened man, can you do me a small favor? what is it? I have a daughter named Julia and she is blind since birth, I'm wondering if you can teach her the Word of God?

Of course, yes jailer, that would be a pleasure. The jailer’s daughter Julia was a pretty young girl with a sharp mind. Valentine at first told her the stories of Rome and he described this wonderful world to her because she was blind, then he started teaching her about the Word of God. Julia saw the world through Valentine's eyes, and she was amazed by how he explained things. She slowly started trusting his wisdom and she found comfort in his quiet strength.

One day when they were alone, she asked him a question. Valentine, does God really hear our prayers? Yes, my child he hears each and every one of them. Do you know what I pray for every morning and night? I pray that I might see, I want to see this beautiful world that you have told me about. I want to see the birds, the sky, the rivers, the mountains, the flowers and I want to see it all, but God never helped me.

Yeah God does what is best for us, Valentine replied. Only if we believe in him. Oh Valentine, I do believe in God, I really do. Alright let me pray for you and as soon as Valentine started praying a bright light suddenly filled the room. Valentine, I can see now, what's going on, what happened father? I can see now, I can see you.

Jailer was very happy, oh Julia my darling, it was Valentine father, it was he who got the sight back, thank you sir. Thank you for helping my daughter. I have no words to say how thankful I am. I did everything to praise to our Creator, but nothing helped.

So, This is Why did Valentine's Day start

By now Valentine and Julia had fallen in love with each other. Even after Julia got her sight back, her father allowed her to continue her visits to the prison. Sometimes they would sit and talk for hours. She helped to keep Valentine spirits high. You did the right thing my love, it was right to defy that cruel King's orders and it was only because of you that many lovers got United. 

Thank you my dear, my only worry is about leaving you. I wish, I could live for a few more days just to spend time with you. People continue to stand outside the prison, and they prayed for Valentine as the day of the punishment approached closer, more people came to see the priest.

As the day of the punishment arrived Valentine was called to the palace once again. King asked him, what do you say now priest? I'm willing to let you go if you admit what you did was a mistake. Thanks for the offer but I cannot admit anything, and I only did what is right in the eyes of my lord.

How dare you? Soldier take him to the city gates and hang him to death in front of everyone. Let his punishment be a model to anyone who disobeys my order. Valentine was put in jail again and he was to wait for his punishment scheduled for the next day. Do you want me to do anything? I will do anything I can to save you from this execution, the jailer asked Valentine.

Thank you, sir, but I have to tell you something. What is it? I'm in love with your daughter sir. I don't know how to explain it but sometimes in life things do not work according to the plans. My meeting with your daughter was one such chance. After meeting her, I should say that I'm truly, madly and deeply in love with her. Hmm, I knew that my daughter already told that to me. Can you let her meet me one last time sir? My only wish before I die is to see her.

I'm sorry Valentine but I'm afraid. I cannot, the emperor has given strict orders to not let anyone meet you before your execution. I can understand, if I write a letter can you give that to her? At least that I can do. All right sir just give me some time and I'll give you the letter. So, Valentine on the eve of his death, started writing a letter to Julia.


it was the most amazing love letter ever written, in the letter he also urged her to stay close to God. He asked her to go and see all the beautiful things he had described in his stories. At the end, he signed it from your Valentine. His sentence was carried out the next day February 14th of 70 AD. Valentine's body was then buried near a church. The Saint Valentine sacrificed his life so that the young couples could be together in a bond of matrimony.

The man may have been killed but they could not kill his spirit. Even after many centuries of his death, the story of Valentine's self-sacrificing commitment to love and the lovers was legendary in Rome. Saint Valentine is considered as the patron saint of love for people in love.

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